Who We are?

In this day and age the internet has become a bare essential of running a business.

Whether running a websites to promote your business or interacting with the customers, everything and everyone is connected in some small way in this huge virtual universe called the World Wide Web.

As essential as it may, running a business in the digital reality puts your company at risk of having your valuable information, processes and data compromised.

With advancement of technology and knowledge, cyber-crimes are becoming more and more common. Businesses are constantly under attack by cyber security related threats and with the advancements of the technology and the cleverness of the hackers maintaining the safety of these businesses are challenging. These attacks can have a damaging impact to any organization resulting in a substantial loss with regards to customer trust, company reputation and loss of profits.

Most of these organizations do not have the necessary information and the means to protect themselves from these threats in this progressing digital world.

This is where TrustVault come in. At TrustVault, we believe that with our hardworking and dedicated team of highly skilled experts our customers can get the best IT and cyber security consultancy services and significantly lower the risk of cyber threats.

“So it is absolutely necessary to turn to a trustworthy, secure and reliable IT and cyber security consultant..”

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide our customers with the top cyber security solutions enabling them to reduce potential risks and protect digital assets while gaining knowledge in the most cost effective means.
  • While doing so we aim to build business relationships that last and stay on top the technology curve and set high standards when it comes to our services.
  • We also aim to evolve uninterruptedly and deliver extraordinary quality and services in everything we do.

Our Vision

  • Our company vision is to be a trusted consultant to our customers on safe guarding and protecting their information and assets while being the front runner in the field of IT and cyber security consultancy.

What we do?

We are an IT and cyber security Consultancy Company that was formed to protect businesses of any size, form and purpose from IT related threats and cyber security breaches. Any company big or small is at risk of coming to work to find out that there has been a breach in the security of their technology systems and is always in danger of having their personal details and business transactions being compromised. These threats could cost them financially while damaging the reputation of the company’s good name and losing the trust of their valued customers. These could have a lasting impact that might not be fixed for months or years.

We at TrustVault believes that with the proper consultation of a team of passionate and highly skilled security experts you can significantly reduce the occurrence of such breach in security and protect your valuable data. It is not something that ‘should’ be done, rather it is something that HAS to be done.

Why should you choose us?

We have been a front runner in the field of IT consultancy and cyber security solutions amongst many other leading companies in this arena.

What helps us stand out amid the rest?

  • Our undying dedication towards our work and our customers. Each and every member in our team works passionately with one goal in mind; making our customers happy and giving an excellent service worth for the money spent.
  • Our team consist of highly qualified talented individuals who are doing what they love. They work day and night with passion and commitment to deliver the best service for our customer.
  • Consistent results in delivering our services with 100% customer satisfaction. Because our ultimate goal is to keep you happy and safe.
  • Customized solutions just for you. We take a personal interest to each and every one of our customers and provide them with individualized solutions for their company. Because we believe that every company is different with different risks and threats. So our approach will be different to suit your requirement
  • We are Vigilant and resilient. We are always up to date about the constantly changing cyberspace. Therefore we are always watchful towards the potential risks that could compromise the safety of your company. And our competent members are quick on their toes when giving solutions in case of a crisis.
  • End to end solution. We just don’t provide an advice. We come with the solution.

We are ISO 27001 Certified

  • Trustvault is an ISO 27001 certified company.
  • We have implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to safeguard your information that is entrusted to us.
  • We believe that customer confidence is paramount in delivering quality and trustworthy service.

The scope of the ISO 27001 certification:

“Provisioning of information security in providing consultancy and advisory services in information technology, information security and cybersecurity to customers”.